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Is the Elite Academy a school or a program?

The Elite Academy is a program co-funded by the State of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel with a network of over 25 affiliated high schools throughout Israel. These Schools facilitate all the Naale students from over 42 countries around the world, for each country of origin we have a special set of schools.

Does the Elite Academy have affiliation with both religious and secular high schools?

Yes. The Elite Academy has affiliations with both religious and secular high schools. Separate boy’s and girl’s high schools are available for religious students.

How much does the program cost?

There are only 2 payments:
A one time non refundable application fee of $600.
An additional payment of 600$ upon acceptance.
Other than these two payments there are no additional costs.
The program, which includes full airfare to Israel at the beginning of the program, room and board, off-campus travel expenses, tiyulim (special trips), spending money, and laundry service, is fully funded by the Israeli Government and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

How long is the program?

The program a 3 or 4 years program depending if the student joined the program in the 9th or 10th grade.

In general, can students attend the program for only a year or two?

It should be understood that the Program is voluntary. Although students are expected to remain in the program for the full three years, we cannot stand in the way of a student who decides to return home after a year or two. We do however advise all students and their parents to give the new school and country some time. It may be different from what the student (he/she) is accustomed to but in the end it may prove to be a very rewarding experience. It is also important to understand that the program is a 3 years program and the academic yearly structure is build accordingly.

Who may apply to Naale?

Motivated and mature teenagers who finished eighth, ninth or tenth grade

Do applicants have to make Aliyah?

No. All students (that do not have an Israeli citizenship already) are admitted to the country on an extended tourist’s visa and need not make an Aliyah commitment of any kind. Students can, however, choose to make Aliyah once they graduate, and are entitled to receive Aliyah benefits from the ministry of absorption.

Are the classes taught in Hebrew or English?

Hebrew is gradually integrated into the classroom starting day one. In the beginning the teachers help the students by using very basic Hebrew and with translations. Starting from the second Semester most of the classes are already being taught 100% in basic Hebrew. By the time the students finish the 10th grade they are expected to have a basic level of reading, writing and conversational Hebrew skills. * Please note, the exact method and the level of Hebrew vs English varies between the different schools and teachers. All schools and teachers have the students best interest and success in mind, with the ultimate goal that the students will acquire Hebrew in the fastest rate possible.
From the 11th grade onward the students are being taught, tested and asked to write reports and converse in Hebrew exclusively.

What is the difference between 3/4/5 points Math?

It is important to understand that the Math level and curriculum taught in Israel is very different than in most countries. In Israel you have the option to choose between 3, 4 or 5 points in Math. Although 3 points is the “lowest” compared to many other countries it’s not low at all, in Israel the majority of students take the 3 points level. The 4 points level is equivalent to basic college math and the 5 points is already university level math.
The level at which the students study is decided according to their Math ability, knowledge and motivation, studying at the 4 and 5 points Math level is recommended only for students with a very good math grasp that are willing to spend a lot of effort and time both during class and after class hours.

Can a student entering the 11th grade apply to the program?

Yes, as long as they are within the appropriate age range (under the age of 16.5 upon entering the program) and are willing to repeat the 10th grade. This is actually quite common and those students who make the choice to repeat the 10th grade would be in good company.

Can a student entering the 9th grade apply for the program?

Yes, most of our Schools have a 9th grade as well, it is important to understand that the screenings for students applying for the 9th grade are very meticulous due to the younger age of the students.

Can the children of Israeli citizens or children originally born in Israel apply?

Yes. Children of Israeli citizens may apply. Children originally born in Israel may apply provided that they have spend a minimum of 4 years abroad before applying for the program. Please note that different Aliya requirements might apply on student that has an Israeli citizenship

Would a parent report a problem or concern to the Elite Academy staff or the school administration?

In most cases, we ask that parents approach the Naale Coordinator at the relevant School first. However you are always welcome to contact your local Elite Academy representative with any problems and concerns and they will then direct you to the appropriate member of the school’s administration. Confidential issues, however, are between the student, his/her parents, and the school’s administration.

Do students meet their counterparts from other countries?

Each school has its own policy regarding inter school activities. There are seminars and special trips for all students during Pesach, Sukkot, and Chanukah, as well as a day of activities, dubbed “Yom Na’ale,” every year.

Do Israeli students stay in the dormitory as well?

Yes. Due to the exceptional reputations of the high schools with which the Elite Academy is affiliated, Israeli students from all over the country choose to stay in the dormitory in order to attend them. Others, who live nearby, may also choose to stay in the dormitory during the week so as to avoid the hassle of traveling every day. In most schools there are separate dormitory buildings for Naale students and native born Israelis.

Do students take the Bagrut (Matriculation certificate) tests in addition to or instead of the SATs?

All naale students take the Israeli matriculation tests, and are supposed to graduate with a full israeli matriculation certificate. In Israel students do not take the SAT’s and the Universities do not require SAT’s rather a test called “psychometrics”. In case your child is interested in studying abroad after graduating students should take SAT preparation course and testing during the summer months. or while in Israel, this however is not part of the Academic schedule and needs to be arranged by the parents/students privately.

Is there supervision in the dormitory?

Yes, each School has it’s unique staff structure. In all schools there are counselors, dorm mothers and and Naale coordinator. The staff is in charge of directing activities, check to make sure that all students are following the rules of the dormitory, check that students are studying, solve problems etc.

Are there arrangements made for those students who do not have family with whom to spend Shabbat and holidays?

Yes. A host family from the surrounding communities is assigned to every Elite Academy student that does not have any family or relatives in Israel to provide them with moral support and home-away-from-home hospitality. It is important to understand that these families are volunteering and in some cases it can take a time until a suitable family is located as we try to tailor match the families and the students.

Must the students live in the dormitory?

Yes. The students must live in the dormitory during the school week, but may choose to visit family and friends on free weekends. Students must adhere to the “In/Out” weekend schedule that requires their presence on campus during selected weekends. All visitation during the weekend must be approved by the parents ahead of time.

Do Elite Academy schools have sports facilities?

Yes. All Elite Academy schools are equipped with sports facilities. The facilities vary from School to School so if you have a specific questions please contact your school of choice directly.

Do Elite Academy students receive a diploma?

Yes. Elite Academy students receive an official Israeli matriculation certificate upon their successful completion of their high school years in the program with satisfactory Bagrut testing scores. The diploma is recognized worldwide.

Can students leave the high school campus during the week?

Each affiliate school has its own policy. Some allow the students to leave the campus during the week in groups, some allow the students to leave on an individual basis others require the students to be accompanied by a staff member. In any case, students may only leave the campus at the appropriate times and with a special permission. They may be subject to “parental questioning” (“Did you finish your homework? Where are you going?”) in order to obtain “clearance”. For further details, please contact your school of choice directly.

Will students with Israeli citizenship be drafted into the army upon graduation?

Yes. According to the Israeli law holding an Israeli citizenship that spend more than two years in an Israeli High School are obliged to serve in the IDF upon graduation. From our experience we recommend not to base the decision on this fact as students are always able to come back home after studying 2 years in Israel and still be exempt from army service. It is important to remember that religious students are able to get exempt from army and choose to do Sherut Leumi instead.

If a student’s parent(s) make Aliyah during his/her time in the program can the student remain in the program?

Yes. The student can remain in the program as long as there is a period of at least three months between his/her arrival at school and his/her parents’ Aliyah, and he/she agrees to continue living in the dormitory during the week. Needless to say, the student can visit his/her parents on the weekends.
** Important note, in case you are planning to make Aliyah please contact your local representative so that they can refer you to the relevant offices in order to inquire regarding the influence of the Aliyah benefits of your child upon completing the program.

What would serve as grounds for dismissal from the program?

Drinking, smoking, reckless and dangerous behavior, causing discomfort to fellow students, leaving school without permission or returning to school later than agreed upon, skipping class, or neglecting one’s studies would all serve as grounds for dismissal from the program.