“This is going to be the best journey of your life! Naale is your first family in a new country and they are always there for you.”

Karmel Massil, Mumbai, India, Amana graduate
Naale offers Jewish teens the opportunity to attend high school in Israel. Founded in 1992 in collaboration with the Jewish Agency, the program provides students worldwide with the experience of a lifetime while achieving academic excellence in core and extracurricular subjects. The maturity and interpersonal skills Naale participants attain are invaluable tools for life. Naale’s programs are fully funded including tuition, airfare, room and board, health insurance, trips, and more. The dedicated staff at Naale are committed to supporting students’ educational and emotional growth.

We are dedicated to giving Jewish teens the chance to attend high school in Israel. Our programs take place in a broad range of host schools, each with its own unique flavor catering to different styles and interests. Naale participants integrate with Israeli and international students, developing meaningful connections that will allow them to thrive on both a personal and a communal level. Naale truly provides participants with an education for life.

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