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Is the Elite Academy a school or a program?

Does the Elite Academy have affiliation with both religious and secular high schools?

How much does the program cost?

How long is the program?

In general, can students attend the program for only a year or two?

Who may apply to Naale?

Do applicants have to make Aliyah?

Are the classes taught in Hebrew or English?

What is the difference between 3/4/5 points Math?

Can a student entering the 11th grade apply to the program?

Can a student entering the 9th grade apply for the program?

Can the children of Israeli citizens or children originally born in Israel apply?

Would a parent report a problem or concern to the Elite Academy staff or the school administration?

Do students meet their counterparts from other countries?

Do Israeli students stay in the dormitory as well?

Do students take the Bagrut (Matriculation certificate) tests in addition to or instead of the SATs?

Is there supervision in the dormitory?

Are there arrangements made for those students who do not have family with whom to spend Shabbat and holidays?

Must the students live in the dormitory?

Do Elite Academy schools have sports facilities?

Do Elite Academy students receive a diploma?

Can students leave the high school campus during the week?

Will students with Israeli citizenship be drafted into the army upon graduation?

If a student’s parent(s) make Aliyah during his/her time in the program can the student remain in the program?

What would serve as grounds for dismissal from the program?