Mosenson Youth Village – localizado no centro de Hod Hasharon é um dos programas do Naale. E um programa gratuito em Israel que oferece aos adolescentes uma educação judaica de qualidade.
Durante os estudos os jovens terão a oportunidade de ampliar seus horizontes, conhecer outros jovens e trocar experiencias.
Os jovens que estudam no programa Mosenson de Naale estudam as disciplinas obrigatórias e tambem uma variedade de disciplinas opcionais, como estudos sociais e ambientais, artes, literatura, esportes e outras.
O programa Naale tem parceira com a Agência Judaica e visa transmitir os valores judaicos a todos seus participantes. No Beith Chana High School sua filha terá a oportunidade de estudar e conviver com outras alunas que compartem as mesmas ideias de vida judaica. Neste programa as alunas recebem as ferramentas necessárias para ingressar nas melhores universidades em todo o mundo. Também o convívio com outras alunas fortalecerá suas raízes judaicas e juntas poderão conhecer cada canto de Israel e de sua historia.
E o melhor de tudo este programa é totalmente gratuito.





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    The Mosenson Youth Village is a co-ed Jewish high school with a student body of nearly 1000 boys and girls. Boarding students make up about 25% of the student population, with over half of those from the Naale program.

    Our program includes an extensive ulpan course for boarding students who come from English-speaking countries as well as from France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South America and more. By the end of the year, they are able to communicate fluently in Hebrew with each other, as well as the local staff and students.

    This all-inclusive Jewish high school program provides children with an education that goes beyond academics to a cultural and experiential education, including an internationally recognized high school diploma.

    Academic Programs

    The program includes an extensive ulpan course which helps newcomers froStudents spend their first year in an intensive Hebrew class with students who speak the same language. Most come out speaking fluent Hebrew. Once they have a grasp on the language, they are encouraged to integrate with both the Israeli students and students who come from a span of countries, languages and cultures.

    Mandatory subjects include literature, history, bible studies, civics, Hebrew and Hebrew grammar, science, math, English and physical education. Elective courses include physics, chemistry, biology, law, Israel studies, social science, computer science, art and environmental studies. College preparation courses are offered as well.


    Studies show that regular exercise, sports, music and constructive down-time help teenagers both in the classroom and outside.

    The Mosenson Youth Village campus houses an impressive fitness complex that includes two gyms with exercise machines and free weights, a music room, learning center, therapy center, an open court, table tennis and an activity center.

    You can rest assured that when your teen’s mind isn’t being challenged in the classroom – there are healthy resources available on campus to help them succeed in body and mind.

    Staff and Tutoring

    Our staff is dedicated in providing your teen with both academic and emotional support. We have social workers who provide our students with emotional support either one-on-one or in a group therapy setting. Group tutoring is also offered in core subjects according to need and request. Whatever it is your child requires, we are here to help support their academic and emotional growth during these formative years.

    Housing and Food

    The boarding school consists of six dormitories, each housing approximately 48 students with 12 rooms that accommodate 4 students per room. In addition to the cafeteria program which offers three hot meals a day with multiple dietary options, each dorm has a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. There is also a recreational area in each dorm, including a television and Wi-Fi, as well as a laundry room where students can drop off their laundry once a week.

    Our all-inclusive living accommodations provide a soft landing for students and an even softer landing on your wallet!