Dror Elite Academy, es una escuela secundaria observante mixta con un enfoque pluralista y amigable, es la última incorporación al alto programa judío gratuito de Naale en Israel.
Dror es el programa perfecto para apoyar el crecimiento de los jóvenes con énfasis en los estudios de texto, la aceptación social y la comprensión de muchas formas de expresión judía







The Dror program is created to support Jewish growth and freedom of expression within Observant Judaism. Each semester students choose a Beit Midrash track to join. All Beit Midrash tracks are co-ed.

Shachrit services each morning are mandatory. Mincha services are optional, but again both genders are encouraged to take an active part.

Living on campus in an Israeli boarding school, students learn Hebrew and graduate with an internationally recognized diploma. Trips and educational activities allow students to discover the land of Israel as never before.

Housing and Food

Students live on the Ein Carmit campus and travel daily to the Dror High School in Jerusalem. Ein Carmit’s modern faculties are nestled in the peaceful Jerusalem Forest. There are five dormitory buildings on campus, housing both students from abroad as well as Israeli boarding students. This gives Naale participants the opportunity to mingle with the Hebrew speaking student body for a fully integrated experience. The co-ed campus has separate gender dorms, with 3-4 students per room. There is a communal room in each building which has a fridge and microwave available for the students to use, as well as laundry rooms with washing machines, dryers and detergent.

Each Naale student is matched with a host family to give them an added feeling of home during their time in Naale. Students are welcome to spend Shabbat and holidays with their host families. Students can also choose their own ‘host family’ if they have relatives or family friends in Israel.

Communal Shabbat services are followed by traditional Shabbat meals, complete with zmirot and divrei Torah. Although the Ein Carmit campus student body is mixed observant and secular students, all facilities are set up for Shabbat observance. Naale students are also welcome to join their host families for Shabbat.

Academic Programs

Dror is known for its strong textual studies for both girls and boys, and its rigorous academic program. It also places great emphasis on community based projects and a has a unique awareness of environmental issues.

With a high success rate on the Bagrut exams, Dror students are clearly a serious academic group. Aside from high level core studies, there are majors offered in a range of studies including sciences, humanities and art, including radio and film-making. All classrooms are suited for media use, personal and shared.

Students follow an intensive Hebrew ulpan program so that by the end of their first year they are able to speak, read and write in Hebrew. Students leave with a full grasp of the language and graduate with an internationally recognized high school diploma and are fully prepared for college. /p>


Dror Elite Academy is located in central Kiryat Moshe with dorms in the beautiful Jerusalem Hills of Ein Carmit.

Students have access to a computer room, library, music room, gym, basketball court and a recreation hall.

Staff and Tutoring

Dror Elite Academy provides its students with a strong support network of dedicated teachers, counsellors and educational professionals who are available for students to go to for both academic and emotional support during these formative years. That in combination with the supportive host families provided and the close-knit, lasting friendships between students make Naale a home away from home.