Shaalvim plans to furnish its understudies with a seriously elevated level of learning and ingrain in them an adoration for, and duty to, Torah and Israel land.

Una de las yeshivot más prestigiadas en Israel, de la corriente religiosa Bnei Akiva. Ubicada en Modiin, a media hora de Yerushalaim y Tel Aviv. En Shaalavim los jóvenes estudian el programa oficial además de los limudei kodesh, obteniendo la Bagrut israelí.





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    A day in the life of Anieres: 6:30 wake up, 8:45-18:30 classes, 20:05 maariv, 22:40 lights out.


    Shaalvim was founded over 40 years ago and has been part of The Naale Elite Academy program for the past six years. Located five minutes away from Modiin, Shaalvim Yeshiva High School for Boys offers core subjects including a religious studies, a variety of elective courses, extra-curricular activities, school trips and more.

    Our program includes an extensive ulpan course which students leave the school speaking Hebrew fluently after their first year. By the time they graduate, they leave with an integrated appreciation of Israel and an internationally recognized high school diploma.

    This all-inclusive religious program provides a soft landing for students and an even softer landing on your wallet!

    The academic programs of Yeshivat Sha'alvim include intensive Hebrew study with fluent Hebrew students.

    Academic Programs

    Students spend their first year in an intensive Hebrew class with students that come from similar backgrounds, where most come out speaking fluent Hebrew. Once they have a grasp on the language, we encourage students to integrate with both the Israeli students and students who come from a span of countries, languages and cultures.

    Mandatory subjects include literature, history, Torah studies, Hebrew and Hebrew grammar, science, math, English and physical education. Elective courses include physics, computer science, biology, environmental studies and advanced math. College preparation courses are offered as well.


    Studies show that regular exercise, sports, music and constructive down-time help teenagers both in the classroom and outside.

    Shaalvim understands the need to keep a growing teen fit in both mind and body. The campus features basketball, soccer and tennis courts, as well as a music room and exercise room. There is a community pool open from Pesach to Sukkot, available to Naale students for a fee.

    Staff and Tutoring

    Our staff is dedicated to providing your son with both a quality education, as well as the emotional support that teens need during these transformative years. We have social workers who provide our students with emotional support, either one-on-one or in a group therapy setting. There is tutoring available for students who need a bit of extra help with their academic growth which parents can arrange with the school. Whatever it is your child needs, we are here to support their future in these formative years.

    Sports are an integral part of school education.

    Housing and Food

    There are three dormitory buildings on campus, with each housing 150-175 students, with 3-4 students per room. A small kitchen in each building and a recreational room for dorm students, is currently in the works. Students have the option to do their laundry using the school’s washing machines and dryers on campus or to send out their laundry, which is sent out on a weekly basis.

    There is a full-time nurse on campus and each dormitory has counselors or a set of house-parents, who help guide the boys during this new and exciting (and sometimes challenging) journey towards a well-educated and meaningful life.

    Shaalvim helps to facilitate a realistic exposure of Israeli life by encouraging Israeli students to host boarding students for chagim and Shabbatot, taking the boys on tours and trips around Israel and organizing Shabbatonim for our multi-cultural student body.