Designed specifically for daughters of shluchim around the world, Beit Chana’s High School program for girls offers its students a rich Kodesh curriculum with advanced studies in Nigleh and Chassidus as well as high level secular studies – and is one of Naale’s free Jewish high school programs in Israel.
Naale was founded in a joint effort with the Jewish Agency, with te goal of providing Jewish high school students worldwide the opportunity to study in Israel. Your daughter can spend her formative years surrounded by like-minded peers, living in an award winning dormitory, connecting to her roots and discovering the land of Israel all while being fully prepared for college and graduating with an internationally recognized high school diploma – along with the tools she needs to fast track into the top seminaries after high school. The best part – it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact the whole program is free!





    Kiryat Shmuel


    Naale’s Beit Chana program is a fully subsidized high school program for daughters of Shluchim. Naale students, who make up for over ten percent of the student body, and nearly half the boarding students, receive a scholarship which includes the cost of tuition, a free flight to Israel, room and board, pocket money and more.

    Beit Chana is known for its high standards in Chassidus and academic excellence, both of which are never compromised. This year they were awarded a National Award for Education based upon their devoted approach to helping each student meet her academic, social, emotional and religious potential, and guiding her for continued success after graduation.

    This all-inclusive program providing a full secular and religious education including Chabad Chassidus, exciting electives, extracurricular activities, school trips and more. By the time your daughter graduates she’ll be fully prepared for her future with a deep sense of responsibility and pride in her accomplishments and appreciation of her heritage.

    Housing and Food

    The Campus boasts a newly renovated dorm building. Each dorm room accommodates 3-4 students and has its own washroom and shower.

    Dorm students can access baking and cooking equipment and there is a laundry room available to them equipped with washing machines and dryers. There are five computers available for Naale students to email and Skype with family, two of which have a special program for students to access Whatsapp.

    Every grade has its own lounge where daily group meetings and activities are held. In addition to the cafeteria meal program which students may select from a vast range of healthy and tantalizing menu choices at the three meals served daily, there is a self-serve refreshment stand and coffee corner.

    Shabbos in the dorm (every other week) is a special opportunity to daven in the Beis Chana minyan, eat and sing together, farbrengen with a special guest Shluchim families and, when relevant, recite Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim together.

    Academic Programs

    Naale students receive an intensive Ulpan for the first year of their studies, and may receive additional academic assistance with their studies if need be.

    In addition to core subjects, including English, math and science, Beit Chana offers a rich Kodesh curriculum with advanced studies in Nigleh and Chassidus. Electives are available in graphic design, biology, yiddish, and business management.

    Beis Chana offers a wide range of extracurricular activities including baking and cooking, art and ceramics, guitar and keyboard, aerobics and dance and first aid training.

    To keep the students engaged, they run Chassidic campaigns throughout the year with prizes including plane tickets to the Rebbe and to Haditch. Chaddisic dates are marked with farbrengens and inspirational guest speakers.
    Field trips across the country include visiting nature reserves, amusement parks, state-of-the-art museums, and famous Jewish sites.
    Naale has optional out-of-town trips over extended vacations.


    Located in the ancient holy city of Tzfat, the Beis Chana campus won the 2015 ‘Beautiful Campus’ award and is famous for its panoramic view of the Galilee Mountains and Kinneret.

    The classrooms are located in a building not yet a decade old and includes a large computer room, library, arts and craft room, music room, sports court and equipment, and a spacious dining room and cafeteria which uses the best Kosher hechshers and is supervised by the Israeli Health Dept. for cleanliness and nutrition. Lush green lawns, fruit trees and flower beds adorn the campus.

    Staff and Tutoring

    Beit Chana’s staff is dedicated to ensuring students maintain emotional and academic confidence. In addition to teachers there are guidance counselors, social workers and therapists on staff, one of whom is a fluent English speaker. The dorm’s full time nurse is also fluent in English and Russian.

    For students who need academic assistance there is a tutoring coordinator who is in touch with both the students and high school teachers, pairing them with the most suitable tutors to help them succeed on their exams.