Beit Chaya Mushka’s high school program for girls is designed specifically for daughters of Israeli, Hebrew speaking Shluchim around the world. The program offers its students a Kodesh curriculum, rich in Chassidut as well as high level secular studies. This year Beit Chaya Mushka joined the Naale free Jewish high school programs in Israel making it an affordable and attractive option for Hebrew speaking shluchim seeking a warm home-like environment for high school.
Naale was founded in a joint effort with the Jewish Agency, with a goal of providing Jewish high school students worldwide the opportunity to study in Israel. Your daughter can spend her formative years learning and living in the land of Israel, in a program that promotes the values already instilled in her.
By the time your daughter graduates, she’ll have an internationally recognized high school diploma and be prepared for college with the confidence and clarity necessary to step into the next stage of her life. And the best part is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact the whole program is free!





    Kiryat Shmuel


    Naale’s Beit Chaya Mushka program is located in a quiet and prestigious neighborhood in Kiryat Shmuel. The school has been serving the Israeli Chabad community for seven years, joining the Naale program for this year, giving girls from Chabad families around the world the chance to join this successful institution.

    Naale students, who make up for about twenty percent of the student body, receive a full scholarship which includes the cost of tuition, a round trip ticket to Israel, room and board and more.

    Along with core secular and religious studies, there are many Jewish, Hasidic and experiential enrichment activities. The benefits of sending your daughter to Beit Chaya Mushka goes beyond the outstanding education she’ll receive – she’ll be surrounded by like-minded peers, connect to her roots and discover the land of Israel.

    Housing and Food

    The boarding school consists of three private homes, each housing 10-15 students with 2-3 girls per room. The homes are a place for the girls to continue building lifelong relationships outside the classroom with their classmates as well as with girls of different ages and from other classes. Each home has a counselor and a dorm mother with whom the students and parents can turn to for help, guidance and day to day information.

    In addition to the catering program, each home has a stocked kitchen, dining area and living room with comfortable couches, computers and a piano in each home as well as washing machines and dryers for students to do their laundry.

    Our all-inclusive living accommodations provide a soft landing for students and an even softer landing on your wallet!

    Academic Programs

    As a school geared towards daughters of Israeli and Hebrew speaking shluchim, the classes in Beit Chaya Mushka are in Hebrew, with some lessons provided as needed in English.

    Mandatory subjects include Torah and Chassidut, math, English, Hebrew and Hebrew grammar, literature, history and science. Elective courses include graphic arts, specializing in graphic design and business management with specialties in accounting and human resources.

    Naale’s Beit Chaya Mushka program provides a full secular and religious education including Chabad Chassidus, exciting electives, extracurricular activities, school trips and more.


    Located in Kiryat Shmuel, the Beit Chaya Mushka classrooms and campus houses a computer room, library, science room and hall where the girls can engage in sports and other social activities. The school is located within walking distance to shopping centers where the girls can get whatever they may need.

    Staff and Tutoring

    Our Hebrew speaking staff is dedicated to providing your daughter with both a quality education as well as the emotional support that children need during these transformative years. Our teachers and counselors are available for the girls to go to in order to ensure that you daughter has both the academic, emotional and spiritual support she needs during these formative years.