Exceptional minds deserve an exceptional education – Anières Free STEM High School in Israel

If you’ve been looking for the right school for your STEM minded Jewish teen, look no further than Anières Elite Academy – one of Naale’s free, Jewish high school programs in Israel. Participants of the program are nurtured and encouraged with an exceptional education and supportive environment to exceed in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

Give your child the opportunity to join a high school program designed, developed and academically supported by World ORT and Israel’s Institute of Technology (Technion).

Find out how your teen can get a world class education for Free:







    Anières takes the basic Na’ale program – free education, board and lodging in Israel with the added opportunity to get on the Technion track at the prime of his or her academic educational experience.

    Naale students add up to about 30% of the boarding students and nearly 8% of the overall student body. Students study science and technology in high school and have the option to take classes at the Technion while still in high school, where they can continue after graduation for a university degree in engineering. (Subject to meeting the prerequisite of the Technion)

    This extraordinary program offers your child the life skills and academic education he or she needs, as well as the support of like-minded peers with shared goals. A dream school for any teenager with dreams of advancing in these specialized fields – and a dream price (or lack thereof) for any parent.


    Academic Programs

    Students spend their first year in an intensive Hebrew ulpan with students who speak the same language. By the end of the year most of the students speak fluent Hebrew. Once they have a conception of the language they are obligated to study math, English, literature, Hebrew grammar, history and citizenship studies, all subjects needed for matriculation according to the Israeli Ministry of Education. Additional requirements are chemistry, physics & robo-physics – all of which are taught at the highest academic standards.

    In addition, students with outstanding achievements can take additional courses at the Technion, instructed by the Technion academic staff, which benefits them with credit points for their future academic degree at the Technion.


    Anières Elite Academy is located in the Nahalal Youth Village, a beautiful campus where students have access to a variety of extracurricular activities to nurture both their mind and spirit. There is a gym, swimming pool, horse stables – where students can take riding lessons, a football pitch, basketball court, music room and more.

    Because of the The academic nature of the school reveals top of the line science labs, computer rooms and well-equipped classrooms, giving students the best chance to prepare for a future in the STEM fields.

    There is also an academy for music and dancing nearby, where students can take courses.

    Staff and Tutoring

    The staff is dedicated to providing students with the help they need to achieve their dreams of academic excellence. Educational reinforcement lessons are available to any student who may need it. Our approach addresses the much-needed support – academically and emotionally – for these exceptional students to lead the next generation’s ever-advancing world of science and technology.

    Housing and Food

    The dormitories are located on campus, each housing approximately 30 students with 2-3 students per room. In addition to the cafeteria program, which offers three meals a day with multiple dietary options, each dorm has access to a kitchenette area with a fridge and microwave for students to use. There is also a recreational area in each dorm including a television and Wi-Fi, as well as a laundry room where students do their laundry.

    Our all-inclusive living accommodations provide a soft landing for students and an even softer landing on your wallet!