Give your daughter an unparalleled high school experience where she can grow academically, spiritually, socially and culturally at Amana Yeshiva High School for Girls – one of Naale’s free Jewish high school programs in Israel. Naale’s Amana program is a one of a kind, fully subsidized Yeshiva High School program for religious girls. Naale students, who make up for about 15% of Amana’s student body, receive a scholarship which includes the cost of tuition, free air fare to Israel, room and board and more. Founded in a joint effort with the Jewish Agency, Naale’s goal is to provide Jewish high school students worldwide with the opportunity to study in Israel. Your daughter can spend her formative years connecting to her roots and discovering the land of Israel all while being fully prepared for college and graduating with an internationally recognized high school diploma – and the best part is it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, the whole program is free!





    kfar saba


    Founded over 50 years ago, Amana joined Naale’s free high school program in Israel six years ago. The well-established school is located in Kfar Saba, in the center of the city, with easy access to medical centers, banks, grocery stores, clothing stores, malls and more, as well as intercity  and local transportation.

    The Naale Amana program includes an extensive ulpan course, and since all students, including the Israeli ones live on campus, the students quickly learn to communicate and study in Hebrew.

    This all-inclusive religious program includes core subjects, exciting electives, extracurricular activities, school trips and more. By the time your daughter graduates she’ll be fully prepared for college with an internationally recognized diploma, a sense of  responsibility and pride in her accomplishments, and a deep appreciation of her heritage.

    Academic Programs

    Naale students receive an intensive ulpan course during their first year of studies, after which most come out speaking Hebrew fluently. Extra help is available for students if needed after their initial year of ulpan.

    Core subjects include Hebrew and Hebrew grammar, Torah studies, literature, history, science, math and English. Elective courses and extra curricular activities include social science, biology, chemistry, Israel studies, drama, art and Krav Maga.


    Amana’s up-to-date facilities include computer rooms, a sports hall, home economics room, basketball court and beautiful lawns. In addition to the school and campus being guarded 24/7 for your daughter’s safety, the school practices regular safety drills and teaches the girls how to protect themselves with self-defense courses.

    Each dorm building has a room for Naale students to store their luggage. A laundry room with industrial washing and dryers is available for students where the girls can do their laundry independently with the detergent provided to them.

    Staff and Tutoring

    The Amana staff is dedicated to helping your daughter reach her full potential, inside and outside the classroom. The staff includes a social worker and psychologist who both speak Hebrew and English fluently. There is also a Hebrew speaking nurse available who understands English and a Hebrew speaking academic counselor on staff.

    Housing and Food

    At Amana, dorm life is part of the all-inclusive education your daughter will receive. From ninth grade on, all students board in Amana’s dorms including the Israeli students who are known for their in welcoming the girls from abroad. Each of the three dorm buildings on campus house 150 students with 4 girls per room.

    There are three meals a day provided, and girls have access to cook in the school’s home economics room in the evenings and weekends by prior arrangement with the counselors. While Naale students learn in a separate class until they have the language skills to join Hebrew speaking classes, outside the classroom they live and socialize with both international and Israeli students.

    This unique cultural meeting combined with the healthy independence learned, will give your daughter life experiences and skills she won’t get anywhere else!