Welcome to Naale Elite Academy's
Online Registration System

Start the registration process to get a user name and password. Once you have these, you can complete the registration process at your leisure. Any information or documents you upload will be saved. Just remember that the deadline for registrations is two months before your local screening session. (Find the dates of screening sessions here.)

Watch the video to learn how to apply

Watch the video to learn how to apply

In the registration process you’ll be asked for:

  • General information about your child and your family (full names, date of birth, etc.)
  •  Scans of official documents (passport, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Medical information from your physician.
  • Supporting documents from your local community (Rabbi, JCC, etc.)
  • Signed copies of Naale’s official forms


Obviously, all information is confidential and will only be used to confirm that your child is eligible for the Naale program. All documents are uploaded to a secure server in Israel.

  1. Documents

    There are some documents that need to be downloaded from this site. Once you’ve filled them out completely, just upload them back again to the system. We don’t need the hard copies at this stage. The same goes for official documents. As of now a scan is enough to complete the registration.

  2. Fees

    There are only two fees payable in the entire Naale process, the application fee and then the acceptance fee. Please make sure to pay the registration fee via PayPal on time. Your registration isn’t complete without it. Registration fees should be paid two months before the screening date.

  3. Screening

    The final stage before your child is officially accepted into the Naale program is attending a screening session. These are intended to double check that your child is suited to the Naale experience. We take our responsibility seriously, and the screening sessions help ensure that all students are able to complete the full Naale program. You’ll come together with your child to the screening. It’s a full day with group sessions, interviews with you and your child and a written test.
    Your local representative will let you know when the date of the next screening in your area will take place, but you can also find a list of screenings here.

  4. Acceptance

    Once your teen has been accepted to Naale, there’s one stage left in the process; making the final arrangements to bring your child to Israel. Before you make flight arrangements with your regional manager, you’ll need to pay the final acceptance fee.

We're always here to help so if you have any difficulties with the registration formor have more questions email us: naale.west@gmail.com


Looking forward to welcoming your child to the Naale Elite Academy.