Regional Managers

Chaim Meyers

Director of Western world region

Chaim Meyers, age 34, has been the Director of the Western World Region at Naale since December 2014. Previously, Chaim worked for 10 years at the Mosenson Elite Academy Youth Village as a Naale counselor, coordinator and teacher.

“After working with the Naale program for the past 11 years, I can truly say that this is indeed a one in a life time opportunity,” Chaim said. “The Naale graduates finish High School with all the needed tools to succeed in their adult life. I believe in the Naale Elite Academy Program, in the country of Israel and the next generation. This is why I continue to do everything in my power to insure that any Jewish teenager around the world will know about this special program and will have the option to join it.”


Gidon Berman

Regional manager – Central USA

Gidon was born in the Netherlands and made aliyah when he was 12. After living in an absorption center and completing ulpan in Jerusalem, Gidon finished high school in Beer Sheva, served in the IDF, and completed a BA and MA in Geography and Environmental Development. He taught at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Achva College until he was appointed Planning Coordinator for Education at the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo. For 7 years, he specialized in all sectors and levels of education, from preschool to high school. Gidon and his wife wanted to continue their professional development and traveled to Chicago, where they enrolled in graduate school. Since completing his graduate studies, Gidon has coordinated the regional marketing of Naale Elite Academy.Gidon said, “The Naale Program overcomes educational, language, social, and cultural challenges. Naale strengthens the relationship of all of us to Israel. It is a joy to work with youth that develops in Israel as it wouldn’t grow in any other location. It is a joy and honor to work with the wonderful parents of Naale! I recommend the program



Ravit Bar-Av

Regional manager – Northeastern USA

Ravit Bar-Av has been managing public relations and community outreach for non-profit organizations for more than 20 years. As a branding and capacity building consultant, she helps social organizations fulfill their missions and reach their goals.

Among her previous positions Ravit served as the Public Relations and Community Outreach at the National Urban Alliance, Director of Information and PR at the Peres Center for Peace, and Chief Information Officer and Israel Education Director at the Consulate General of Israel in New York.

Ravit is Naale’s most veteran regional manager, working with the organization since 2011. She also serves as the Director of the Council for Hebrew Language and Culture in North America. She believes that Naale offers a unique opportunity for Jewish teenagers from North America. “Representing Naale gives me the opportunity to fulfil my personal Zionist quest even while living aboard. For me every family that joins the broad family of Naale gives me great satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment,” she said.


Julia Kritschmar

Regional manager – Europe (Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe  )

Julia was born in Riga. She is married and has 2 children. Since 2006, Julia has been working at the Jewish Agency in Berlin. She has served since 2013 the Naale representative in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. Starting 2016 Julia is also in charge of the rest of Europe except France.”I believe in the Naale program because it is a worldwide unique program that combines the chance to learn about the Jewish heritage and values and offers the possibility to study together with Jewish youth from around the world,” she said. “It also gives the students the chance to get to know Israel and gain an Israeli matriculation certificate that is recognized throughout the world.”


Einat Cohen-Nissan Glen

Regional manager – Southern USA

Einat was born and raised in Israel, and lived in Tel Aviv until 2000, when she moved to Chicago to work as Hebrew teacher. She holds a BA in Hebrew Literature and Education Management and an MA in Education Administration/Supervision of Education.

In 2005, Einat moved to Florida and kept working in a Jewish Education setting both formal and non-formal. Einat worked and designed curriculum for URJ Summer camp for couple of years, and currently works at the Ben Gamla Hebrew Public Charter School.

“I started to work for Naale Elite Academy in 2012 I do my work with love a passion to the State of Israel and to the Jewish People abroad. I like to help kids to find their ways and guide them in their lives,” she said.


Tiki Levgoren

Regional manager – Canada

Tiki earned an Executive MBA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is the mother of three daughters. Her eldest daughter, Roni, is a third year student at the Naale program in Mosenson Youth Village.

“I love working for Naale. I see it as an important shlichut,” she said. “This fully funded program enables Jewish teenagers from all over the world to get Jewish education in Israel. They get an amazing opportunity to experience Israel in every possible way. They learn the language, experience the unique atmosphere during the holidays and get to know Israel’s beautiful sights and landscapes through trips. During the program, they become mature, self-sufficient and resilient and create lifelong friendships. After finishing the program, they go back to their communities with deep and strong connection to their homeland and its people.

This program is also the best platform for successful absorption in Israel for those who choose

to stay.”


Miriam Zaga

Mexico, Spain, Central America

Miriam is a teacher of Hebrew Bible and History, the mother of four and grandmother of nine.Since 2007, she has been the Naale representative for Central America since 2007. Since 2014, Miriam also serves as representative to Spain. In 2012 Miriam made Aliah and currently lives in Haifa. She has been working as an educational consultant in Geon Hayarden, Hadassim and Beit Chana, visiting the schools a regular basis.

“Since I made Aliyah and have visited the schools and the students, I see in my own eyes how wonderful this program really is and how much in contributes to the maturity and growth of our students. This make me work even harder to bring as many students on this amazing program,” she said.

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Talia Priel Tuch

Regional Manager, Western USA

Talia Priel Tuch was born and raised in Israel. Served two years in the teachers unit IDF military. After finishing my studies in the Hebrew University Jerusalem, my path as a teacher has emerged and over two decades I was a Hebrew/English teacher and educator in a high school in central Israel and a group leader and educating projects coordinator with the Ministry of Education.
In the last 5 years I reside in Los Angeles and working as a Hebrew teacher and as a projects manager serving the Israeli/Jewish community. I am a proud mother to Shira, a college student.I am so proud and humbled to be part of the personal / human puzzle of hundreds of students that as meaningful adult in their life, I have managed to touch and to ingrain motivation, growth and respect


Ravid Meron

Regional manager – France, Belgium and UK

Ravid has been living in Paris since 2006. She worked at the Israeli Embassy in Paris for several years and later became self-employed working at alternative treatments. Ravid said, “I heard about the Naale program from friends, and when I got an offer to be the representative of the program it was clear to me that it is the right thing for me to do. Naale is in my opinion is a project with a mission, a project that gives many children the opportunity to experience life in Israel, to learn the Hebrew language, to grow up in an Israeli environment and, of course to connect to their Jewish roots and to the Israeli society.Every child that I succeed to bring into the program and every child that starts a new journey in the framework of Naale is for me a tremendous success and satisfaction.”



Ester Di Segni

Regional manager – Italy

Ester, born and raised in Rome, for 35 years taught Hebrew at the Jewish High School of Rome, and also a Hebrew teacher in one of the local Rome universities for the past 11 years. Started working as the local Naale representative to Rome in May 2014. “I believe that Naale is a once in a life time opportunity for teenagers from Italy to go to Israel, study together with students from around the world, learn Hebrew and improve their English in the same time”.


Gaby Gitelman

regional manager Argentina

Gabriela, 44 has a degree in psychology from the University of Buenos Aires – Argentina and is married. She has worked for the Jewish Agency’s MASA program and Naale since 2014.

“For me Naale is the entrance door to the future of young people by giving them the best education and a unique life experience”



Regional Manager – South Africa

Livnat was born in Israel and moved to South Africa in 1991. She’s married and has three wonderful kids. Livnat has been working at the Israel Centre, South Africa as a Marketing coordinator. ‘I’m very passionate about Israel and proud to represent Naale in South Africa’. Naale is a great program that gives Jewish scholars a chance to experience Israel like a local, while studying and completing their “Bagrut” with an internationally recognised certificate.


Adriana Maghrabi

Regional manager Brazil

Adriana Maghrabi, 40, has a degree in business administration and education, and is married. She works at the Jewish Agency and has been with Naale since 2014.

“I really believe in the program since it helps teenagers who want to go and study outside of Brazil, and allows them to later on continue to universities around the world. I actually went on a very similar program when I was in High School”

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Anat Aloni

Regional manager – Australia

Anat is Naale’s new regional manager for Australia, working with the organization since 2019.
Anat has extensive experience working in the Jewish community sector as well as in her own business, including working with the Australia-Israel Cultural Exchange, Ausraelim, Hamerkaz Haisraeli and the Shimon Peres Centre for Peace in Israel.
Over two decades ago, Anat began her career working for major organisations, honing skills as a communications professional, business-development consultant and a professional networker. In 2004, created the boutique consultancy, PROinmotion, the platform from which she was able to build a large, loyal client base with a diverse range of businesses.
Working with the Jewish Community in Australia for over a decade, Anat also serves as a project officer with the Jewish Community Council of Victoria JCCV while focusing on driving key community projects, including Youth and Alcohol, Child Protection, GLBTI community engagement project, the JCCV Interfaith Leadership Conference and professional networking program.
“Working with community outreach for non-profit organizations for more than 20 years, I believe that in order to create massive results, you need to take massive action. I use this philosophy daily, bringing energy, enthusiasm and big-picture thinking to any task that I undertake.
My approach to work and life is that there is a solution to everything and I make it my goal to be solution focussed in everything I do. I believe that every child has the right to shine and that there is a key to every door. Naale is an amazing platform offering this key to a life changing experience to live and study in Israel, while achieving academic excellence and personal growth ”.

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