Regional Managers

Chaim Meyers

Director of Western world region


Gidon Berman

Regional manager – Central USA

+1-708-462-2534 // +1-847-275-6225

Ravit Bar-Av

Regional manager – Northeastern USA


Julia Kritschmar

Regional manager – Europe (Germany, Austria, UK)

+491-3028-451-529 // +491-796-733-598

Einat Cohen-Nissan Glen

Regional manager – Southern USA


Tiki Levgoren

Regional manager – Canada


Miriam Zaga

Mexico, Spain, Central America

+521 -555-297-3090

Talia Priel Tuch

Regional Manager, Western USA


Ravid Meron

Regional manager – France & Belgium


Ester Di Segni

Regional manager – Italy

Ester, born and raised in Rome, for 35 years taught Hebrew at the Jewish High School of Rome, and also a Hebrew teacher in one of the local Rome universities for the past 11 years. Started working as the local Naale representative to Rome in May 2014. “I believe that Naale is a once in a life time opportunity for teenagers from Italy to go to Israel, study together with students from around the world, learn Hebrew and improve their English in the same time”.


Gabi Gitelman

Regional Manager, South America (Argentina – Brazil)

Gabriela, 44 has a degree in psychology from the University of Buenos Aires – Argentina and is married. She has worked for the Jewish Agency’s MASA program and Naale since 2014.

“For me Naale is the entrance door to the future of young people by giving them the best education and a unique life experience”



Regional Manager – South Africa


Adriana Maghrabi

Regional Manager, South America (Argentina – Brazil)

Adriana Maghrabi, 40, has a degree in business administration and education, and is married. She works at the Jewish Agency and has been with Naale since 2014.

“I really believe in the program since it helps teenagers who want to go and study outside of Brazil, and allows them to later on continue to universities around the world. I actually went on a very similar program when I was in High School”

+55 -113-5188 7777 ramal 115